London & Brighton

3 days in Brighton and London, at the cold and silent shore and in the chaos of a design capital.
A moody glow captivating brighton. A magical sunset.
Lost in London. Overwhelmed and small. Wandering in the gorges of a giant.
So much to discover. So little time.

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The first beams of sunrise radiate through the cold, dark blue remnants of the night. Venice lies in silence, as our boat slowly floats through the water. At this very moment, the golden hour, everyone is asleep. I feel the cold breeze of a new day on my fingertips, as I raise my camera to the beauty of a golden city.

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The light flickers for a moment as I turn it on. The formerly white tiled room lights up in the damp glow of a single neon light hanging loosely at a cable from the ceiling. I walk into a gust of stale air, a moist, warm, mouldy scent of this-really-needs-to-be-cleaned-or-rather-burnt-down-right-away.

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The bus roars cracking and seasick, staggering through narrow urban gorges, shaking like an epileptic bobblehead. It’s filled with people, standing, sitting, pressed together skin on skin, wiggling to the rhythm of endless turns to the right and left.
In their mind, they are already there, and yet it is far, far away.

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Being a sissy

Adventures! I shout, my eyes glowing, my voice dripping of excitement, my spoon scratching out the very last bits of Nutella. A real adventure, full of danger, wild animals, exotic food and near death experiences!
She looks at me with the critical look of someone checking a pack of milk for their expiration date. Her face is very clear about the result.
ADVENTURES! i shout.

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