I grew up with a single mom, who was a designer.
We didn’t have much money and she had to work really hard, but there was nobody to watch me, so she took me along.
As a child, I would watch her illustrate, paint and design and I would sit on her lap and paint with her in the very first version of Photoshop. I would sit in her office and draw while she was working, and make collages from old newspapers and fill whole books with giant ants fighting vintage cars and make little Star Wars dioramas from cola cans and paper while she designed flash games and built websites. Then school started.

Somewhere on the way, I stopped doing things. I did my homework. I made friends. I lost friends. I fell in love. I became a teenager, I was really bad at skateboarding and even worse in school. And I had completely forgotten what it was like to draw.

One day, my crush noticed me draw out of pure boredom (it was a Chemistry class) and she asked me if I could draw something for her as well. It felt like a John Hughes movie and it was inevitable that it would end with a Simple Minds song and her falling in love with me.
Well, she didn’t.
But she liked my drawing!

From that day on, I spent every second in school drawing.
I was on fire. I had found something I had long forgotten.
Also, with everything I drew, I kind of hoped she would notice it.
Well, she didn’t. And she moved away.
But she left me something beautiful.

Years later I would realise that, frankly, I suck at drawing.
But this longing to create, to make things, this love for visual beauty and the power of images, it stuck with me. Like the warm sun on a summer day, I could feel it on my skin, the tip of my nose and the smile in my face. I was hooked.

Somethere is the result of a decade-long struggle.
It is my love for words, images and composition combined. It strives to present both image and text in the most beautiful way. It is powered by my love for layout, my envy and my awe for contemporary design and my restless ambition to become my very best at what I love the most.

- Nico

Nico is a Master's student in Applied Social Psychology, born in Germany, living in Japan, Brazil and now the Netherlands. He takes photos with a burning passion and writes with a constant writer's block. He loves traveling, food and design.
He also writes about himself in the third person because apparently that's what people do nowadays.

Somethere is an irregularly updated journal about design, art and people. It is a travel diary, a pool of inspiration and the endeavour to perfect visual storytelling. It is a collage of text, design and photography, bringing together all elements in synergy.

Every page of this journal contains a new project. And every project is an exploration of something new, something different.
Somethere is a laboratory for different designs and techniques and the endeavour to go beyond.

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