Hello, I'm Nico,

I can read minds

and make pretty things.

I'm a Psychologist by day and a Designer by night. I've spent the past 5 years away from home, living in Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands, and traveling through Asia, the US, Cuba, Europe and a bunch of other places.

Currently, I'm finishing my MSc in Applied Social Psychology with an emphasis on social influence and product design, working as a freelance web-designer and product developer.

SOMETHERE is an irregularly updated personal journal involving photography, design, travel and psychology.
My latest projects include the Universe of Psychology, which breaks down psychological theory in a visual manner,
and my Cooking art-series, which combines the life and work of my favourite artists of the 20th century with my favourite food of the 21st century. Oh, I also take photos sometimes and upload some of my scientific work here.

If you want to be friends and/or work with me,
feel free to send me a message!