Increasing Voter Turnout in European Elections

Low and decreasing voter turnout is an increasing political and psychological problem across Europe and beyond. Research indicates that perceived social norms and personal involvement significantly contribute to the extent that voters do or do not vote. A process model is presented, and the effectiveness of targeting respective variables for possible intervention is discussed. An intervention is proposed based on an adaptation of the “I voted”-stickers in US elections to increase personal involvement, public commitment and descriptive social norms.

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Much Of Smoke About Nothing

A vast majority of developing countries rely on burning solid fuel for everyday energy needs. The current practices significantly impact climate change and result in a dramatic impact on health, causing more than two million deaths per year through indoor air pollution (IAP). This paper reviews the work of Hanna, Duflo and Greenstone (2016), who studied an intervention by the Indian NGO Gram Vikas, but, in line with similar research in this field, failed to find significant effects. The intervention, results, and theory are analysed, improvements proposed and a monitoring and evaluation plan developed.

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London & Brighton

3 days in Brighton and London, at the cold and silent shore and in the chaos of a design capital.
A moody glow captivating brighton. A magical sunset.
Lost in London. Overwhelmed and small. Wandering in the gorges of a giant.
So much to discover. So little time.

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My grandmother

I knew it was her. I recognised her eyes, her hair, her hands, her smell even, and yet, this person in front of me was not my grandmother. Not anymore. Her eyes were that of a child, lost, looking around with both infantile amusement and childish fear, not understanding what was happening, who we were and where she was.

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The first beams of sunrise radiate through the cold, dark blue remnants of the night. Venice lies in silence, as our boat slowly floats through the water. At this very moment, the golden hour, everyone is asleep. I feel the cold breeze of a new day on my fingertips, as I raise my camera to the beauty of a golden city.

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